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Stefano Pisci, Chief Artistic Officer of Tokenance and SM-ART.ORG and Iole Pellion di Persano from Recontemporary select an extraordinary collection of NFT digital works titled «The CEO Factor - Humans of Tomorrow», dedicated entirely to the leadership of the future.

ART-IS-CALLING is a Decentralized Digital Organization (DAO) on blockchain and collects contributions/participations in Ether.





The NFT collection “The CEO Factor - Humans of Tomorrow” is conceived by the artists inspired by the 25 CEOs interviewed in the book titled “CEO Factor” published by Il Sole 24 ore.

The non-profit association SM-ART.ORG, assisted by Recontemporary, promotes the initiative by proposing, through its scientific committee, a selection of international artists to support. The works made available by the artists are transformed into NFT and put up for sale on,Tokenance's NFT marketplace.





The net proceeds are divided into: 50% in favor of the NGO: Doctors without Borders; 15% in favor of artists and 35% returned to the DAO of ART-IS-CALLING.ORG to feed the fund to support new artists and support campaigns in favor of further non-profit organizations.

The supporters of the DAO will have the opportunity to vote the proposed artists and the non-profit organizations to which future proceeds will be donated through an automatic and completely transparent mechanism.


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Stefano Pisci
Stefano Pisci
Iole Pellion di Persano
Iole Pellion di Persano


Fulvio Magni
Fulvio Magni
Aldo Pomponi
Aldo Pomponi


Fabio Rotondo
Fabio Rotondo
Stefano Ricci
Stefano Ricci


Special thanks to Pierangelo Soldavini and Francesco Pagano, authors of «The CEO Factor» and to the 25 CEOs who shared their experiences, thoughts and future projects.



Why is it important to understand how our world changes?

Crypto is the evolution of currency. DeFi is the evolution of finance. NFT is the evolution of art, of author rights and licensing. Metaverse is the evolution of internet and e-commerce. Web3 is the evolution of communication. DAO is the evolution of organizations.

In an era in which Bitcoin has already partially eliminated banks as intermediaries, thanks to transactions on its blockchain carried out between both individuals and businesses, and in an era in which Ethereum smart-contracts and their tokenization model allowed to eliminate the intermediaries in virtually every sector, the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is the next big step towards a new way of seeing the world.

How do the entities defined as “DAO” work?

To understand DAOs, we need to mention the technology on which they are based. Most DAOs are based on blockchain technology and smart-contracts, which are computer protocols that facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or execution of a contract, sometimes allowing for the partial or total exclusion of a contractual term. A blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger. While blockchains are commonly known to publicly document the transactions of various cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and other digital assets, such as NFTs, they can also be used for a variety of other functions.

DAOs use the blockchain as a backbone, maintaining the structure and rules of each on-chain. In traditional organisations, there is typically a vertical hierarchy. A formal board of directors, senior management and senior executives determine the structure and have the power to make strategic, operational and financial changes.

DAOs, in contrast, are decentralised, which means that they are not governed by one person or entity. The rules and governance of each DAO are originally encoded by the promoters in smart-contracts originated and managed on blockchain and cannot be changed without the vote of the members of the DAO itself.

Instead of an elected few having a majority, the members of each DAO can vote on decisions together, usually on an equal footing. The most important aspect of DAOs is transparency. Every decision within the DAO is presented, discussed, voted on and documented publicly.

To obtain voting power or membership in a DAO, one usually buys governance tokens, which are cryptocurrencies linked to a certain project. In some DAOs, governance tokens can only be obtained in predetermined funding rounds. By owning these tokens, members are typically able to hold stakes in the DAO and help shape its economic, strategic and operational future.

The operation of Art-is-Calling's 'CEO Factor - Humans of Tomorrow' initiative is configured according to the following macro-activities:

the DAO promoted by the issues on blockchain its own digital token called ARTIC on blockchain and collects contributions-participations in Ethereum or other cryptocurrency;

the non-profit association, assisted by Recontemporary, the first space dedicated to video art and new media in Italy, promotes the initiative proposing, through its scientific committee, a selection of international artists to be supported;

the works made available by the artists, previously supported by for 'CEO Factor-Human of Tomorrow' are turned into NFTs and offered for sale on;

the net proceeds are divided into: 50% to the NGO Doctors Without Borders (for the first initiative), 15% to the selected artists and 35% retroceded into the DAO of to finance the fund to support for new artists and campaigns for additional non-profit organizations.

Of course, DAO supporters will have the opportunity to vote on the proposed artists and the non-profits to which to donate future proceeds.

All info are available here:

You can contribute to the project here: by clicking here

First supported organization: NGO Doctors Without Borders

Fulvio Magni

from the afterword to the book «CEO Factor» by Francesco Pagano and Pierangelo Soldavini published by Il Sole 24 Ore

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